Art and design has always been my passion. Whether designing a small detail for a bespoke interior object or imagining an entire residence; I have been obsessed with creating art, furniture, and interior environments that capture the unique ambiguity of the poetic, romantic, and the minimal. In my opinion, good design is a delicate balance between the reductive, the seductive, the comedic, and the cohabitation between form and function.

Before asserting my direction as an interior architect and designer, I first and foremost am an artist. Studying classical techniques of drawing, photography, painting, and sculpture as well as art and architectural history early in my career, I began applying these principles and historic references to architecture and interior design, incorporating art and craft within interior space.

Pursuing a bachelors of fine arts degree in interior architecture and architectural history from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and working closely at a variety of established interior design and architecture firms, I began by honing technique and craft - parallel to an artist, but instead within the contexts of interior design, interior architecture, and furniture design. After my education, I decided to create a design consulting business where I design both independently and in consultation with other designers and architects on projects ranging from full-service interior architectural design and detailing, to furniture, object, and interior design.